If this is your first time visiting our site, Welcome! If it is not, we are glad that you are back! Allied Insurance Group is a full service independent insurance agency. We opened our doors in 2004 and since then have over 40 different carriers that we represent within the agency.

From the beginning we have have always built the agency on the believe that the client comes first. We take the time to do a full needs assessment of what your needs are to properly protect you. We know that whether you are an individual or a business owner, covering you the right way is what matter most to you and your family and that matters to us.

We believe in protecting you for your needs today and being there for you & your needs in the future.

We are here, we are local . We don’t need any fancy slogans or silly animals. We are real people just like you.

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Our Client say it Best!
  • Couldn't ask for a "better" insurance agency"

    We couldn't ask for a "better" insurance agency!! Thank you for everything.
    R. Ole & Howard Bernstein
    Davie, FL

  • "We have our autos & our home insurance through them"

    Once I called Allied, I was at peace knowing they would handle my claim quickly and professionally. This is why we have our autos and our home insurance through them.
    John and Paula Gomez Weston, FL

  • They "Always" respond to our questions

    For over 3 years Allied Insurance has been my agent for Home and Auto. They "Always" respond to your questions prompt and wisely.If you dont use their service, you are loosing more then that you think you are saving.
    Marie Costa, Ontario, CA

  • "We appreciate the fme service that your agency provides."

    We want to let you know how much we appreciate the tine service that your agency provides. You and your team do a fine job of digging for the best coverage at the best possible rates. Thank you for all of your hard work.
    Brian & Kim Rivera Kendall, FL

  • Couldn't ask for a "better" insurance agency"

    We couldn't ask for a "better" insurance agency!! Thank you for everything.
    R. Ole & Howard Bernstein
    Davie, FL

  • "We have our autos & our home insurance through them"

    Once I called Allied, I was at peace knowing they would handle my claim quickly and professionally. This is why we have our autos and our home insurance through them.
    John and Paula Gomez Weston, FL


It is essential for everyone to have health insurance. Most people understand the importance of having car insurance and home insurance but it seems for many, health insurance isn’t or can’t be at the top of their list of priorities. Whatever the reason, the truth is that staying healthy coincides with the ability to make a living to pay for the car insurance or home insurance. Allied Insurance is totally committed to provide affordability and assists individuals, families and employer groups obtain better value of their healthcare dollars.



It's a subject that rarely comes up in polite conversation, but the harsh reality is that if you have a family or other loved ones, life insurance is a sound investment, both financially and from a peace of mind perspective. Knowing that those dear to you are protected after you are gone is probably the main reason people cite for purchasing life insurance. You can find reliable, affordable life insurance quotes at Allied Insurance Group



Your home is your safe haven. And, whether it's your first apartment, a starter home or a retirement condo, we can help you find a policy that protects your property - and most of your other important stuff, too. Home, condo and renters insurance takes the worry out of unexpected events, like falling trees, slippery sidewalks and break-ins.


When it comes to Auto Insurance you want and deserve options. Here at Allied Insurance Group, that is exactly what you get. We represent more than 12 different major insurance providers like Mercury, Travelers, Progressive, Gmac and Farmers. When we say we will shop your Insurance for you and find the best options for you that is exactly what we do.



Our newest generation of drivers often find that auto insurance is very expensive for them. While teen auto insurance will always have a higher premium, it doesn't mean there aren't deals to be founds. There are many ways to qualify for discounts on teen auto insurance. Auto insurance companies offer discounts up to 37% or more..



As a business owner you have a lot of concerns and demands the last thing you need to worry about is if you are properly protected, allow us to worry about that for you. We specialize in both medium and small businesses in a variety of industries. Whether you are a contractor or a small to medium business owner we have the experience to take care of all your needs.

What to Know Before You Renew Your South Florida Homeowners Insurance

What’s the biggest purchase you’ve made in the past year? Maybe a new flat-screen television? A computer? Perhaps even a car? You can still probably recall the anxiety right before the purchase, wondering if all the time, research, and effort you put in will pay off, wondering if you made the right decision. Now, think about how small those purchases seem in comparison to your home. Thinking about just a fraction of the time it took you to find the right house at the right price should make you realize how important it is to protect that investment—the greatest monetary investment and investment closest to our emotional core that we make in modern America.

Homeowners insurance is the critical piece of protection for that greatest of all investments. It ensures that the house we love will always be there no matter what act of God or man comes to it, even if it must be rebuilt from the ground up. Having homeowners insurance means you’re protected against loss or damage related to your home or the possessions within it. When you’re looking to find the best protection at the best price, make sure you choose a company that is committed to meeting your needs, that has the local expertise to understand them, and that offers comprehensive policies at rates that fit your budget. That company is Allied Insurance Group, the best option for South Florida homeowners insurance.

Why You Should Talk to Us before Getting Your South Florida Homeowners Quote

Already a homeowner? Great. How much do you know about your house and homeowners policy? Do you live in a flood plain? Does your policy cover floods? What if they’re caused by hurricanes? How about this one: If a giant sinkhole opens up in your front yard tomorrow—and swallows up that antique marble fountain you just installed—is that covered by your policy?

At Allied Insurance Group in South Florida, we get it. Finding the best policy for you isn’t easy, and spending all of Saturday researching that policy isn’t your idea of a great weekend (especially during college football season). We’re here to help you make the right decision. We’re a local company because we believe that our knowledge and expertise of the South Florida area is essential to helping you choose the best policy. We’re not interested in becoming the nation’s largest homeowners insurance company or win an award for having the best animal mascot of any insurance group. Since 2004, we’ve prioritized one thing above all else: your needs.

We Did the Hard Work So that You Get the Best South Florida Homeowners Rates

Our happiest customers may never need to make a claim. At Allied Insurance Group, our hard work means you get piece of mind, even if you never call in about a “catastrophic ground cover collapse” or other major event. We firmly believe that we provide our customers the best South Florida homeowners rates, both because of our highly competitive prices and the breadth of coverage we offer. That said, you may be able to find a less expensive policy—with far fewer benefits.

We want to provide comprehensive coverage because it provides true peace of mind and real replacement value in the event of an accident or act of God. Will most South Florida homeowners insurance policies cover every threat to your home? No. Certain events—like earthquakes, floods, and landslides—are excluded from most policies. However, they may be purchased separately. More importantly, you have to ask yourself whether your current insurer is upfront and honest with you about exactly what their policy does and does not cover. Openness and honesty are hallmarks of our business, and we believe they are essential to help our clients rest easily, knowing their greatest investment is protected.

Whether you’re getting ready to purchase your first home, looking for a better relationship with your insurer, or have been dropped by your current insurer, let Allied Insurance Group provide the policy you need at the price you want—and the honest, expert knowledge to know exactly what you’re paying for.